Oldie but goodie, featuring COCHISE SKR of SLEDDOG. Still ballin’ like an athlete. 

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This is from back in the day when I visited Belaxo in his studio the first time.  I am excited to see him again very soon to record some DOPE TRAP with Beneficial DC! LISTEN TO MANGO DRINK OR SHOW LOVE BY DOWNLOADING IT.  LISTENING IS FREE.  DOWNLOAD IS $2.00.  Let me know you downloaded […]

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We’re almost back after a long buttsit.  TRAPFASH+ is beyond beleepin.  Doc Lobo creepin! KBL KingPin!   OUR CURRENT PAGES ARE: THE METHOD SONG [first rendition] & THE POETIC POSSESSION EXPERIMENTS [the latter being password-protected (to dissuade casuals, normies, and the like so like) LIKE US ON FACEBOOK AND I’LL PM YOU the PASSWORD.]  

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